About us

"If by work through life I can another soul unfold:
then I have done what cannot be made good ,by praise or gold.
One tiny thought in tiny word May give a great one birth,
and if that thought was caused by me , I lived a life of worth."

One step at a time… Moving towards a just & liberal world…
Termed utopian & impossible by many, we are working towards making that world a reality.

Neptune Foundation, registered under the Societies Registration Act (1860) is an endeavour at making a difference…. an effort at bridging the gap… an attempt at awakening the sensibilities of today's materialistic individual, it is an initiative to make this world a better place… where basic dignity is not the privilege of a blessed few, whether human or animals.

Meant to aid those less fortunate, Neptune Foundation's initiative is spanned across caring for the girl child and aged to saving the dying art forms in villages.

We, at Neptune Foundation pledge for your support to make our dream a reality and this world a better place to live in.

Donations made to our NGO are exempt under section 80G.